Mummy little girl Rosalia

Mummy little girl Rosalia Lombardo Stay Fresh & Beautiful 88 Years After Death
In the Capuchin Catacomb, an ancient eaters in Palermo, Italy, there are mummies little girl. Written his name: Rosalia Lombardo, died 2 Years, 88 years ago. Amazingly, his body still intact. Completely intact, the body decorated with fresh blond hair, boys are also seen nan pure beauty. He was like a 'sleeping beauty' of the famous princess in the story HC Andersen's fairy tales. Rosalia Lombardo was a little girl from Silisilia. Unfortunately, unknown origin is clear, parents names and stories of death. However, the version developed in the community, he is a baby who had been born frail and berpenyakitan. Until age 2 years did not escape the pain. No wonder his body finally could not resist the onslaught of lung infections, which in that era frightening specter for infants, and young son across the country.

Though ailing, the little girl was not a fussy child ternasuk. He is a quiet nan baby, do not cry a lot, even tend to not bother. But because his body could not contain the infection continues menggerotinya, rosalia one last breath in 1920. because of deep grief her parents finally decided to preserve the little girl's body. From the developing story seems Rosalia not come from families most. His parents are probably enough, remember the people who were buried in the monks than Caphuchin / nuns is that high social status, not to mention the cost of expensive preservation process.

The little girl's body to attract many people, because of perfect preservation techniques. Although tens of years passed, his body was not changed a bit. He was like a war going on. Why Rosalia Lombardo's body was preserved, whereas others have a lot of damage? According to information, an embalmer preserved body (the term for preservatives) named Alfredo Safalia. He prosfesor in the field of chemicals that find new ways to preserve the remains with a special formula creation.

Professor safalia preservation methods introduced to the American body. First time using the fomula ciptaanya body. Preservation Safalia start by injecting embalming fluid 15 Galon creations. In the corpse's body was red bruises blue. Once finished the process of its preparation, the bodies are stored in places that are naturally cool. Six months later when the casket was opened, the bruises on the face and neck were missing body without a trace. His body even looks fresh.

Initially, researchers thought potions safalia arsenic using basic materials. At that arsenic was a popular and frequently used the professor as a preservative ingredient perfecting the body. Estimates were also arise because the experts and researchers refer to Dr. Tranchini preservatives fomula that none other than teachers safalia. Tranhini formula is plentiful with a mix of arsenic and wine. That's why many believe that safalia concoction is a variation of the formula the teacher.

Finally, a biological anthropologist from the Institute for mummies and the Iceman named Dario Piomboni Mascali successful menguungkap secret ingredients used to preserve the body of the little girl Rosalia Lombardo. Mascali browse through relatives and the people closest safalia. Referring to the records center safalia, revealed that the makers taksidermis or preservation experts were injected formalin, salt, zinc, alcohol, salicylic acid and glycerol into the body of Rosalia.

Formalin was umun materials used to preserve dead bodies. Formaldehyde and water mixture is proven to destroy bacteria that cause decomposition of meat. And one safalia utilization also pioneers the use of formaldehyde used to preserve dead bodies. Unfortunately in Indonesia, formaldehyde is also used to preserve food such as tofu, noodles soaked, salted fish, and many others.

Another element used is alcohol safalia. In humid areas, alcohol serves to make it dry so that the body is more resistant to the effects of temperature changes. Meanwhile penyimbang glycerol as alcohol effect. Glycerol serves as the oil gives moisture to prevent the body kondis too dry. Another element is the salicylic acid as the growth of mold prevention. Nevertheless, argues that mascali of several elements used safalia, key wiring Rosalia's body is the zinc salt.

Melissa Jhonsons Williamss, Executive Director of the American Society of Embalmers, strengthen Mascali opinion. Williams reveals the effect of zinc on preserving the body. According to zinc is not used in the embalming process in the United States because the zinc makes the body stiff as a statue. Bodies that have been given the zinc salt can be removed and allowed to stand without fear of terkulia weak so that the body looks like a mannequin.

Mascalli calls for Safali sebgai artist has created a potion outstanding work Beautiful. He argues, safalia has raised the art of embalming or the making of the mummy of the highest level. This is evidenced through the work of the mummy of the little girl Rosalia Lombardo The Sleeping Beauty. But as people will who believe we must also believe that it is a sign of the greatness of God.

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Mummies were buried with women who have thick brown hair that still looks shiny even after being buried for 3000 years. Found beside a wooden comb familiar to students of ancient Celtic civilization.

In 1978, in a quiet Taklamakan desert in Xinjiang region, China, was found five mummies are preserved very well. The strange thing is the national Celtic mummies from Europe that were located thousands of miles from the Taklamakan.

These mummies known as "Cherchen Man and Family". Total mummy found there were five. One man, three women and a baby. According to the researchers, these mummies are a member of an ancient tribe of Caledonia in central Scotland and was buried in that place for 3000 years.

The location of the mummy discovery is precisely the Taklamakan desert in Xinjiang region, southwestern China. Ironically, the meaning of "Taklamakan" is "you go and not come out". This area used to be part of the silk road trade route traveled by the foreign nations who come to China. So really not too surprised when celtic mummies were found in the area.

The mummy of a man has a red-brown hair, high cheekbones, long nose and beard. Six feet high and buried with a red tunic shirt. DNA also helped prove that he was a Celtic.

Baby mummy wrapped in the grave with beautiful brown cloth decorated with red and blue and a blue stone placed on both eyes. Besides the baby was found a milk bottle made of lambskin.

Is remarkable these mummies, their bodies are much better preserved than the Egyptian mummies.

Victor Mair, an expert on ancient corpses and co-author of the book "mummies of the Tarim Basin," says: "Modern and Ancient DNA shows that the ethnic Uighurs, Kazaks, Kyrgyz and Asian populations is a mixture between the Caucasian and East Asia. "

So chances are they are the merchants who then lived in the area and gave birth to the tribes in the region.

Actually, this story is not so mysterious. But is not interesting, in a quiet Taklamakan desert, 3000 years ago, during which European culture is still barbaric and primitive, a collection of alien life is to live in peace in a foreign land too. Who are they? How do they live? Majukah how their culture and knowledge? How they got to the Taklamakan? Are they a family?

Corpse beside her with a comb and a dead baby with a bottle beside him. Is not moving?

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Alternative Holiday Ideas In Africa

As well as the typical beach holidays and romantic getaways Africa and many other destinations have to offer, there are also several truly unique holiday experiences that Africa has to offer.

A hugely popular destination when visiting Africa is Egypt. Egypt is the home to the only surviving wonder of the ancient world, the breath taking Pyramids, Which are so huge they take 40 minutes to walk around once! Children and adults both will marvel at the awesomeness of the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, and can even take a tour inside, witnessing the ancient mumie and artefacts. Additionally many chose to go snorkelling to see the true beauty of the marine life in the Red Sea, allegedly the second best reef in the world surpassed only by the legendary Great Barrier Reef. Egypt really does have so much to offer, it is also Particularly suited to families, as it can be as relaxing or as adventurous as one decide to make it.

Which is an option often overlooked by many when choosing a holiday is a holiday volunteering. Africa boasts a fantastic range of volunteering holidays Which not only allow you to see Africa in detail, but to also make a huge difference to peoples lives. There are many different options available when choosing a volunteering holiday, such as teaching, sports coaching and conservation work. Many offer free accommodation, discounted travel, and some even offer a small wage.

In more recent years, as game hunting has lost popularity, more and more tourists in Africa have turned to safari holidays. One of the unique aspects of going on a safari is that it Full Version you to see all of the animals in their natural habitats. Many tourists in September themselves the goal of seeing the big five, that is, seeing an Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Lion and Rhino.

One of the key factors when Deciding on your holiday is often money. Many programs now include volunteering holiday safaris as part of the package, so taking a safari holiday does not have to be as expensive as you might think. Whichever option you decide on, it is important to minimize the negative impact on the natural and socio-cultural environments, especially with a country such as Africa. So why not make your holiday an eco holiday, Which Will Ensure many generations to come will also be able to enjoy Africa in all its magnificent glory.

Mummy fromt the Egyptian 5th dynasty

The mummy is a corpse is preserved, due to protection from decomposition by natural or artificial means, so that the first form is maintained. This can be achieved by placing the body in a very dry or very cold, or lack of oxygen, or the use of chemicals.